Thursday 21 September 2017

Science of CyberSecurity: What Cyber Security Blogs to Follow

As part of a profile interview for Science of Cybersecurity I was asked five questions on cyber security last week, here's question 4 of 5.

Q. Do you recommend a particular cyber security blog that our readers could follow?
Of course, my own IT Security Expert Blog, and my Twitter accounts @SecurityExpert and @SecurityToday are well worth following.  My two favourite blogs are Bruce Schneier’s blog, Bruce is a true rock star of the industry, and Krebs on Security blog is also an excellent read, Brian provides the behind the scenes details of the latest hacking techniques and data breaches, and pulls no punches with his opinions. Both these bloggers have books that are a must read for budding cyber security professionals as well.

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Anonymous said...

What is cyber security
The digital world is continually changing, and cyber security has become a concern for individuals, businesses and governments alike.
The purpose of cyber security is to ward off data breaches, provide a safe environment in the case of hardware failure and to protect information from ransom attacks from criminals, who can make your data inaccessible unless a ransom payment is agreed, usually using cryptocurrency. Individuals who can gain such unauthorised access to the information on your computer system or computers networks can range from hackers who write scripts to try to compromise cyber security or organised criminal enterprises who will carry out technically advanced attacks, purely for illegal financial gain.