Wednesday 2 January 2013

UK Data Protection Review for December 2012

Leeds City Council has been fined £95,000 by the ICO watchdog after it sent highly confidential and sensitive personal data about a child in care to the wrong person.

Devon County Council had been fined £90,000 by the ICO after a social worker who had been preparing an "adopting panel report" sent out an alternative file they had been using as a template to the wrong family.

Lewisham Council fined £70,000 by ICO after sensitive personal information was left on a train

A bank employee has been fined after a court heard she unlawfully accessed bank statements of her partner’s ex-wife.

Tuesday 1 January 2013

UK InfoSec Review for December 2012

Microsoft release 6 critical patches on 11th December 2012

Patches address vulnerabilities in Windows, Word, Windows Server and Internet Explorer. The other two patches are rated as important and will address issues in Windows.