Tuesday 31 May 2016

Cyber Security Roundup for May 2016

The business impact of under investing in IT security was felt by TalkTalk, their profits were halved after 160,000 customers walked away from using the company’s services following their recent high profile data breach. TalkTalk received wide criticism for poorly handling their customer data breach which further damaged TalkTalk's reputation with customers. 

Hugh volumes of stolen user credentials taken from the likes of LinkedIn, Tumblr and MySpace were dumped onto the dark web. 

Spear phishing continues to be a problem across all industries, with one attack costing the job of a CEO and CFO at a German aircraft company. 

The ICO publicly fined two NHS trusts and the Kent police following personal data breaches. One ICO £185,000 fine was due an emailed newsletter, the email “to” field displayed the email addresses of individuals infected with HIV to all recipients of the newsletter email. An issue simply prevented by using the BCC field instead of “To” or “CC”. 

Ransomware continues to be a major evolving problem, with new strains of the malware such as Petya detected, and existing strains such as CryptXXX receiving updates.