Monday, 1 June 2015

Security Today - Cyber Information Security News Stream & Alerts Twitter Feed

I was an early adopter to Twitter, opening my @securityexpert account back in October 2008, I found Twitter has been an excellent tool for picking up and sharing information security news, articles, major breaches and critical vulnerability alerts. As well as making my own contributions I often retweet tweets of InfoSec interest, education and intrigue, however I have always had a strict policy of never allowing my @securityexpert account to send any automated tweets, every tweet is manually sent or is retweeted by yours truly. Once you go down that road the personal nature of the account goes. I recognise that many of followers of the account are interested are in the latest news, so with that in mind I have launched a new Twitter account to provide a more comprehensive and more regular stream of InfoSec news.

@securitytoday has been launched to just tweet cyber information security related news and alerts. The account steadily tweets information/cyber security related news, articles and critical vulnerability alerts from a variety of sources. Most of the tweets are from a world wide context, but the service also has a focus on providing news and alerts from the UK InfoSec space. For example it picks up specific UK cyber threats & incidents, and the latest news from the UK & European Data Protection legalisation space.

If you are looking for a steady stream of cyber news or wish to drop into a snapshop of what's going on in the world of information security at any point in time, rather than security snip-bits tweets which are intertwined with what someone has eaten for breakfast, @securitytoday will be for you.

Follow @securitytoday and dive into the a news stream of cyber / information security tweets at your convenience.


Micael Granberg said...

Thanks for this post.
In fact, the issue of cyber security is currently at the peak of its relevance: about 75 percent of U.S. organizations are not prepared to respond to cyberattacks, - this problem is more serious than we can even imagine.

Marty M. Robertson said...

very sweet