Friday, 5 June 2015

Enviable Business Cloud Adoption & Cloud Security

I was quoted in an interesting discussion type article on Business Cloud Adoption at 

How Line Of Business Is Driving The Move To The Cloud

I have picked out my quotes which underlines my view that IT and Security functions must be agile and accommodating to the business cloud wants. While the business in turn must be careful not be so bamboozled by the efficiency & cost saving gains, and all those sexy sales buzzwords, they neglect the security question when procuring cloud services.

On Cloud Adoption
“Quite often businesses adopt cloud services outside the IT function whether is it Sales using Salesforce or HR using LinkedIn for recruitment, or general staff using Dropbox,” said UK-based Information Security Expert Dave Whitelegg. “The traditional internal-facing IT department can be quickly left behind by buy-and-go cloud service adoption"

On Cloud Security
“Cloud data security concerns should be addressed by IT carrying out due diligence and risk assessments with the cloud service provider, an approach often neglected when business departments decide to go commando and adopt loud services on their own,” said Whitelegg."

However, he added that the onus should be on IT to move with the times and make sure solutions put forward by Line of Businesses (LOB) are properly considered.

“The IT function definitely needs to come down from the ivory towers, stop saying no and tune into the addressing the business requirements and the benefits cloud services can provide.”

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Rafe said...

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yes! you are right with this article,every organization is looking for cloud without assessment.Data security, encryption, IPR and DRM are all critical factors for any business.