Monday 15 October 2007

Why do Spammers Spam?

I noticed Microsoft's Eileen Brown was pondering Spam in her Blog, asking “Why the heck do these spammers keep on spamming people?"

Well here’s my response…

It is because out of the tens of thousands of Spam Email they send, which costs practically nothing, there are always one or two gullible people who click through to buy a product or get done, making it a profitable and worthwhile exercise.

“Two years from now the Spam problem will be solved” - Bill Gates, January 2004

Bill got that wrong, it's increased big time since then.

Why the problem? Well Standard Email is just not secure, it is impossible to tell or control who has actually has sent them, not without using Certificates and PGP etc, even the latest Anti-Spam software isn't the silver bullet.

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Anonymous said...

I like spam with chips