Tuesday 17 July 2007

Those Darn Google Spin Doctors

The BBC News website hailed a Google response to their recent privacy criticisms, with Google announcing they will now auto-delete their search engine's locally stored cookies after just two years, instead of by the year 2038.

But here's the thing, the Google cookie "auto-delete date" resets back to two years after each visit! So unless you don't visit google.com for over two years (how likely is that), then they'll never delete anyway!

I have no problem with the Google cookie, as after all if I was super paranoid I could just manually delete their bloody cookie myself after each visit, but what a complete non-story! Those darn Google Spin Doctors, I suppose they were just running out of ideas for their weekly privacy news story.

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Anonymous said...

Google is well smart. It is the best

"Le Goog"