Tuesday 3 July 2007

Terrorism Risk Assessment

After reading through news website comments, listening to radio talk shows and general conversations with peeps down the pub, the biggest debate post the failed UK terrorist attacks, isn't about the changing the "foreign policy", or "pulling our troops out of Iraq", it's the old chestnut personal Civil Rights Vs State Security. On scrutiny I found that most of those who sided with the extra security measures for the state over personal rights infringement, tended to because of fear of being a victim. For me as a security guy this isn't rational thinking, as they just aren't risk assessing the situation properly. So what leads people to think in this way? Well as terrible and deplorable terrorist acts are, I think the way the media over sensualises it, not only encourages these acts in the first place, but is helping instilling an irrational fear.

I mean if I put on my "risk managers" hat, I know for a statistical fact that I am more likely to die falling down the stairs than from any terrorist attack, however that's a risk I accept, I certainly don't going around telling everyone they should live in bungalows and panicking every time I have to negotiate a flight of stairs.

Personally I put my own right to live ahead of any terrorist suspect's rights, so I don't mind giving up some of my civil liberties to state security, but that's because I have nothing to fear, rather than because of fear.

I just like to say that I fully applaud the UK security services, UK police and the UK government for the "first class" way in which they have handled these botched terrorism attempts.

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