Friday, 8 November 2019

Researchers find security flaws in ‘Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell Pro’ IoT device

Bitdefender researchers have discovered an issue in ‘Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell Pro’ IoT device that allows an attacker to intercept the owner’s Wi-Fi network credentials.

During the configuration stage, the mobile app sends the Wi-Fi network credentials in plaintext to the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. This then allows the hacker to sniff the packets and find out the sensitive data it needs to connect to the user’s WiFi.

Once in possession of a user’s WiFi password, an attacker has full access to the network. And it’s no secret that an internal network can be very lax. In fact, many devices such as Smart TVs allow interaction without any authentication whatsoever – even if a device was under attack, there is no trace left and users will have no idea they were even a victim.

Examples of possible things an attacker might do without your knowledge:
  • Interact with all devices within the household network 
  • Intercept network traffic and run ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks 
  • Access local storage (NAS drives, for example) and subsequently access private photos, videos and other types of information 
  • Exploiting vulnerabilities and gaining access to other devices connected to the local network, that may lead to reading emails and private conversations 
  • Get access to security cameras to steal video recordings 
The Ring Doorbell Pro cameras now receive automatic security updates, the latest update resolves the security vulnerabilities.

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video doorbell camera said...

Why won't my RING video doorbell connect to my wi-fi??? please help?
Ok so I just upgraded to the fios Quatum gateway router mind you the internet and router are up and running fully functional but when ever I try and connect my RING video doorbell it either doesn't connect and tells me to repeat the process or tells my my RING doorbell has connected to my network but my network isn't connect to the internet when it clearly is connected to the internet since I can connect my phone and other devices to my wifi and surf the web