Monday 7 November 2016

Why a Cyber Attack can cost a Law Firm an Arm and a Leg

Law firms collect, process and store vast amounts of extremely sensitive data about their clients, this when combined with a poor 'people security' culture and a general lack of digital security know-how, is a recipe that leaves legal companies highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Given the typical large scope and sensitivity of data held by law firms, cyber attacks in the legal industry can be particularly costly affairs to recover from. Often you will read about regulators imposing considerable data breach fines on companies that have been the subject of a cyber attack. Yet the hidden cost of a data breach recovery in using crisis management services, disruption of critical business operations, contractual penalties, bringing in forensic investigators, and engaging a legal counsel, ironic I know, and the loss of client trust often exceeds the financial penalty figures plastered across the headlines.

Emphasising the legal profession's vulnerability to cyber attacks, Logikcull, a provider of automated data discovery and management to the legal sector, have compiled an InfoGraphic of data breach statistics to highlight the issue, and tips to help safeguard data and prevent cyber attacks from being successful.

The Downright Terrifying Cost of Data Breach Infographic

Via logikcull

2 comments: said...

Nice write-up!
But, in most cases cost of security is more than company will spend after data leaks and actual only for really big companies :(

Sandria Warne said...

Amazing Post! I am a victim of cyber crime. I went for the help from the cyber crime investigation in India . IT security is the core need for each and every one. thanks for posting this. I am sure it will be helpful to many.