Thursday 27 October 2016

How to Protect Against Mobile Malware

IBM Security recently released a white paper on the mobile malware threat, which included general guidance on managing the mobile threat and an overview of IBM’s MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management tool, I thought it was good advice and well worth sharing.

According to Arxan Technologies. 97% and 87%t of the top paid Android and iOS apps, respectively, have been hacked and posted to third-party app stores.
Mobile Security Guidance (by IBM Security)
  • Educate Employees about Application Security: Educate employees about the dangers of downloading third-party applications and the potential dangers that can result from weak device permissioning.
  • Protect BYOD devices: Apply enterprise mobility management capabilities to enable employees to use their own devices while maintaining organisational security.
  • Permit Employees to download from Authorised App Stores Only: Allow employees to download applications solely from authorised application stores, such as Google Play, the Apple App Store and your organisation’s app store, if applicable.
  • Act Quickly when a Device is Compromised: Set automated policies on SmartPhones and tablets that take automatic action if a device is found compromised or malicious apps are discovered. This approach protects your organisation’s data while the issue is remediated.

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