Sunday 4 September 2016

Cyber Security Roundup for August 2016

The fallout from massive data breaches in recent years continued to dominate the August headlines. Dropbox enforced password changes for 68 million users after accounts as a result of the 2012 Dropbox breach, when a Dropbox employee stole a load of account details. Meanwhile over 200 million Yahoo user credentials were found up for sale on the dark web. The large user account data breaches didn’t stop there; several large online user forums operating on vBulletin were found to be vulnerable and compromised with SQL injection attacks, leading to the theft of millions of forum user account details.

Ransomware continues to plague all industries, especially the UK health sector, with half of all NHS Trusts confirming ransomware infiltrations. The Locky ransomware continues to be updated by cybercriminals, making the malware much harder for anti-virus software to detect and prevent.

Finally a report by ‘Cybersecurity Ventures’ predicts a Cyber-Apocalypse, estimating that cybercrime will cost the world in excess of £4.5 trillion annually by 2021.

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Serena said...

Hello! Unfortunately, cyber crimes are widespread nowadays. And users helps to it. But I can't even imagine such big volume of troubles in the future. Thanks for this informative post. I get to see more helpful articles from you in future. Please keep me updated!