Sunday 13 October 2013

RSA Conference Europe 2013 Preview

The keynote speaker at this year's RSA Conference Europe is certainly of interest. Sir Seb Coe was widely applauded as delivering an outstanding Olympic Games in London last year.  The security of the games was always a great concern from the day after it was announced London was to receive the games back in 2007, but it is the cyber security aspect of the games which interests me. The games were subjected to cyber threats, including a specific cyber threat aimed at taking down power supplies to the games stadiums, so it will be fascinating to learn more about the planning, preparation and the testing of the London 2012 cyber defence.

I always recommend the RSA Europe Conference to fellow UK security professionals, especially those new to our busy and complex sector.  It’s a great event to learn about the emerging threats, defences and the latest security thinking, with plenty of quality sessions to choose from. The conference is also a great place to network with fellow security professionals from around the world, including the speakers at the event, who I have always found to be an approachable and an amicable bunch of fellows.

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