Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Podcast: Removing Viruses, Worms & Spyware

This podcast is aimed at day to day people outside the IT security industry using Microsoft Windows. This podcast gives a quick over view on the types of malware (Virus, Worms & Spyware), describes how to prevent malware infection on your PC, and how to remove malware from your PC following infection.

IT Security Expert Podcast - Mar2010 : Removing Viruses, Worms & Spyware

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Free Malware Removal Tools Recommended in this Podcast
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
Spybot - Search & Destroy
AVG Rescue CD

There are other free malware removal tools out there, including those which run online in the web browser. If anyone wants to recommend any they have used, please go ahead and make your recommendation in this post's comments - Thanks

1. "Malware" is a collective term which includes Viruses, Worms, Keyloggers, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, and apps referred to as Crimeware
2. I recommend running these tools frequently, even if your Anti Virus application is not reporting any malware infections. AV doesn't detect all malware!
3. Windows Defender is always worth installing and protects mainly against spyware and adware, and is free.
4. Beware some malware removal tools are actually malware themselves, and actually add further infections to your PC. Therefore I recommend sticking with removal tools listed on this post and provided by reputable security companies and organisations.
5. After running a malware removal tool, I recommend rebooting your PC and running the tool a second time, to ensure all malware has been permanently removed from your PC.


securatica said...

To quickly add to the preventive measures mentioned, it is also important to ensure that all the commonly used software installed on Windows Operating System are also kept updated to latest versions e.g. Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Quicktime, Web Browsers etc. Malwares tend to exploit vulnerabilities in the application layer than the OS itself e.g. Torpig, Zeus, Conficker, Mariposa

microdave said...

"Foxit Reader" is a good (freeware) alternative to Adobe, which is well known for being full of vulnerabilities.

I forum I help to moderate received a request for help regarding Pop Up ads on the users browser. I suggested both SUPERAntiSpyware, and Malwarebytes. He replied that SAS found and removed no less than 300 infections!!!

These two are commonly recommended by many Malware forums. I run both on alternate weeks, as well as weekly A/V scans, and so far haven't had any infections, and hope to keep it that way...

"Secunia PSI" will perform an audit of your PC and flag any out of date programmes. It will also help you get the appropriate updates.

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brian said...

Last week I did a virus scan and found 20 viruses! I'll stay more careful to download free software from the internet without knowing the source and keep updated the software I installed on the computer to avoid this annoying problem. thanks for the advice!
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William Smith said...

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