Saturday, 27 February 2010

New Podcast: Safe Social Networking (Feb2010) Released

I thought it was about time I resurrected the IT Security Expert Podcast, so I dusted off my podcast mic and put together a podcast on using Social Networking safely. This podcast is aimed at day to day people outside the security industry.[]=6

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To go with this Podcast I have a “Parent Child Facebook Safety Guide” which I put together following my appearance on BBC Radio 5 earlier in the year.

And I have a couple of relevant blog entries to this Podcast

I’m considering a couple things with this Podcast, initially doing a new release once a month, and I am also considering Podcast Security topics aimed at UK industries and professions, coving subjects such as PCI DSS (retailer credit card payments compliance) and Government Code of Connection.

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Anonymous said...

What are your views on the main social network players' privacy policies for under 16's ?