Wednesday, 18 February 2009

UK Online Concert Ticket Scams are Rising

History shows with economic downturns comes increases in fraud, as the economy continues to slide there are real rises in online fraud targeting citizens. According to a recent survey by the UK Office of Fair Trading, one in four UK citizens either have, or know someone who has been a victim of an online phishing scam in the last 12 months, increasing from around one in six in the previous year.

The reason why internet concern ticket scams are proving successful and are on the increase in the UK, is its child’s play for a fraudster to setup very genuinely looking website on the internet in no time at all, which dupes the victim into trusting the website’s ticket offerings and parting with their money. It’s near impossible for the authorities to police and remove such websites until it’s too late, while it’s relatively simple for fraudsters to remain anonymous and make off with the victims money without risk of being caught. Furthermore some of these ticket scam fraudsters go on to use the victims credit card details to commit further financial fraud against the victim.

Anyone seeking to buy tickets from unofficial sources online should exercise “glass half empty” caution, and be fully aware of the risks before providing their payment details, if it’s too good to be true, it usually isn’t true.

To underline the poor economic climate pushing an increasing fraud trend, it's worth noting several truly massive frauds involving banks have been alleged in recent months, such as with Bernard Madoff and Stanford International Bank, so it looks like it's not just the small time criminals which are at it.

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