Wednesday, 1 October 2008

BackUpAnyTime's - Who's Who in Data

Last week BackUpAnyTime interviewed me as part of their "Who's Who in Data" feature. Being choosen for this interview was a real privilege and it was a pleasure to answer their questions. The interview Qs & As are now available.

"This has got to be one of the most enjoyable interviews we have conducted yet. To say that David Whitelegg is a data security expert is an understatement of significance and a clear example of stating the obvious. Davids’ answers range from short and witty to detailed and fascinating. Here is a man who can and will tell you how to best protect your data. Ask him about his family or car and he may consider you a bot seeking personally identifiable information. A riveting and educational read. Dave plans to write a book. Sold!"


Anonymous said...

I went on the backupanytime site hoping to get interviewed.They don't take submissions. I can only go through a "previous interviewee".
Can I go through you? Let me know here. If this is possible I will contact you directly. I am a data recovery expert and have developed a product I would like to be intervied about.
Tom K.

SecurityExpert said...

Sent me an Email with further details