Friday 14 September 2007

Google on Global Privacy Standards

My love / hate relationship of Google is definitely in the loving zone after I heard Google chief, Peter Fleischer calling for Global Privacy Standards. I won’t regurgitate what Fleischer said, as there's a perfectly good report on the BBC News website linked below.

Also check out this link to a report which I have touched on a couple a months back, you should find it quite interesting if you are into personal privacy online.[347]=x-347-553961

I really think a hundred years from now, when history looks back on the last couple of decades, it will be recognised as the start of the Information Age, and when it comes to personal information privacy and information security, we are merely still trying to take our first steps. So it's just so refreshing to see that Google are looking ahead and attempting to take a lead in this area, and lets face it, Google are getting so powerful these days , they certainly could help push us forward, so tonight I salute you Google, who incidentally also do a great job in hosting this blog for me free (not that I'm Google bias of course!)

Anyway I’m about to fly out to Toronto, Canada for the PCI Council meeting next week, so hopefully I might have some very interesting (or not) PCI posts next week.

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