Monday 11 June 2007

Google Tops Security Bad Boys List

Surely Google can't be as bad as Microsoft, Apple and AOL when comes to Web Data Security? Well according to a new report by Privacy International (PI) they are the worst!

I have previously blogged about my own love - hate relationship with Google, with my own "hate" due to Google's somewhat questionable approach to recording and holding user search information. But at the moment Google appear to be getting bashed in the press every week with anti-privacy stories. I can't really say how much creditability PI or the PI report's rating system has, as clearly PI will have their own agenda, but the Google points they raise are interesting reading, as are the points on the other big internet heavyweights. Definitely good stuff for me to take into consideration when I am thinking and advising about web security within my working environment.

Follow the link below for the full PI report.

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