Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Internet is Fast running out of IP Addresses - IPv6 V IPv4

The explosion in the number of connected devices on the Internet, as fuelled with more users worldwide getting cheap access to net, now over 3.2 billion users, and the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), means the Internet is fast running out of IP addresses.

IP addresses are important on the World Wide Web and every internet-enabled device has at least one IP address. Unfortunately, the current IP addressing system has a limited number of IP addresses, which means they’ll soon be running out. This outdated system, IPv4 was deployed more than three decades ago and it is still in use. IPv6 is an improvement on IPv4 and it’s seen as its replacement since it offers almost an infinite number of IP addresses.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology has created and asked I share an excellent Infographic on How Engineers can insure the web doesn't run out of IP Addresses, comparing IPv4 to IPv6 .  


KTA said...

Most of country still use IPv4, We are still waiting for IPv6.

Unknown said...

Named Data Networking

Dean Lacey said...

Very well explained, ive never had much to do with cyber security or IP addresses come to that. As a CPO im wondering where this all could play a part in my field.

Anonymous said...

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