Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Top security best practices for IoT applications - Combating IoT cyber threats

I have written the following article for IBM which was published today on IBM Development Works.

The Internet of Things is changing the way that businesses operate, especially in the areas of warehousing, transportation, and logistics. These changes make the security of IoT devices even more crucial, given the time and money that is required if a hacker breaks through the defenses. This article outlines the best practices for securely developing robust IoT solutions.


Willie Aames said...

insecure Web, mobile and cloud interfaces; insufficient authentication; insecure network services; and lack of transport encryptions are the major issues. There have been many cases worldwide which have highlighted the importance of privacy protection tools; ranging from the Edward Snowden files to The Pirate Bay take downs. While i do not condone any illegal activity, i believe that protecting your online activities should be a human right. Choosing the right VPN can be daunting but this is where we come in.

Martin said...

Very good article :) Thank you :) 100% true :) Good expert good atricle :)