Thursday, 8 August 2013

Recommended UK Security Awareness Training Videos

I specialise in information security awareness, so I am often asked about simple awareness techniques. One easy and free way to delivery security awareness training, especially to those in the dark, whether they are at home or in the workplace, is to use online videos. These are often free, simple to deliver anywhere, and can be a highly effective awareness tool, as long as they are of a decent standard.  By a 'decent standard' I mean videos which aren't going to bore folk to death, of amateur (blogger!) quality, or cringely cheesy to watch.

Here are some of my recommended UK favourites:

UK ICO; as you might expect these are personal Data Protection focused, but the ICO have done a good job with these videos, especially with "The Lights are On"

UK CPNI; recently released security awareness videos, interesting watch as well

If you know of any other 'decent' free online videos, please lets everyone know via the comments.

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